QBO Gmail Contacts

Below is summary of an article by Charlie Russell, see the article on QuickBooks and Beyond right here. On March 10th, Intuit added a new feature to QBO that allos you to important your Google contacts. Being a business that heavily relies on Gmail and other Google apps, this one is great. There are several different ways […]

Save 20-30% on Checks from Intuit

Did you know you could save 20-30% on Intuit checks by ordering them through Business Cents? If you are interested or already do use intuit checks, contact us to see how you can save with every order. To see more about Intuit checks, click here.

Building a Successful Ecommerce Business

Below is a summary of an article by Jim Savage. To read the rest of Jim’s article, please click here. If you and your business have started accepting credit cards, Jim predicts you learned two lessons rather quickly. Firstly, when things go right, credit cards are great. Secondly, when they don’t go right, they can be […]

QuickBooks 2014 R5 Patch

Below is an summary of an article by Charlie Russell. To view the article on QuickBooks and Beyond, please click here. With every new product there are new bugs, even when the product isn’t quite new anymore. Intuit has officially released the QuickBooks 2014 R5 update. While you visit the Intuit support site to manually download […]

How to Run QuickBooks on Your Mac

Below is an summary of an article by Chase McElroy. To view the article on QuickBooks and Beyond, please click here. Apple computers these days are quick, sleek, impressive and hippest thing since bellbottoms. Those of you who are familiar with QuickBooks know that the Mac desktop product lacks in certain functionality many businesses need. So […]

New Technologies Featured at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

Below is an excerpt from Randy Johnston’s blog on QuickBooks and Beyond. For the full article, click here.   With the myriad of reporting from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this post summarizes business technologies to watch. Since 1967, the annual CES has been a recurring introductory source of new technologies. In addition to the big […]