QuickBooks POS Desktop v12, R5

Here are the updates for QuickBooks POS Desktop v12, r5. You can visit Intuit’s support page for more information right here. Feel free to comment below with any questions and/or comments, we’d be happy to help clarify!


  • Updated sign up/sign in flows at all points where an Intuit service is accessed.
  • If client workstations are open when accessing Company Operations from the file menu on the server, a message will now advise that other workstations are still connected to the currently open data file.
  • Voice Authorization numbers have been updated to reflect the change to Chase Paymentech.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • The number of credit card transactions will now be displayed on the credit button in the ‘Make a Sale’ screen.
  • Group and Assembly items can now be edited.
  • Search results while searching in Inventory List will now be retained after sorting search results.
  • When scanning an item while on the Home Page and placing it on a Sales Receipt, the cursor will now return to the ‘scan and enter items’ field so that additional items can be added to the receipt.
  • Point of Sale will no longer hang when settled transactions are being reversed.
  • Items that are ready to be reordered will now show correctly in the Reminders and Suggested POS lists.
  • Non-Inventory item quantities can now be changed in list edit.
  • Point of Sale will now auto-complete the Vendor’s name when adding new Vendors by looking up Vendors in the D & B database.
  • Point of Sale now has a new Company Preference available to disallow customers from returning the same items on a sales receipt multiple times.
  • “List index out of bounds” error will no longer be returned when updating the discount, freights or fee on a Receiving Voucher.


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