Our time at QuickBooks Connect 2015

David had the opportunity to attend QuickBooks Connect – an Intuit sponsored event for business owners, accounting professionals and software developers. This included a number of targeted breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and a rock concert. Last year was the first year and it was great. This year was even better.   The keynote speakers included […]

QB POS Integrates with QB Desktop!

Yes yes, we know QuickBooks has had a POS solution integrated with QuickBooks Desktop for many years now, but moving forward we’ll refer to the computer iteration of POS as QuickBooks POS Desktop, and the new iPad based solution as QuickBooks POS (QuickBooks Point of Sale, Powered by Revel is just too much of a […]

QuickBooks POS, Powered by Revel for QSR

In previous articles, the partnership between Intuit and Revel Systems was introduced and the retail edition of QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems was reviewed. This article focuses on the Quick Serve Restaurant functionality of Revel, which was the motivation for their first app and continues to be their core strength. Background The […]

QuickBooks POS Lite, Powered by Revel Systems

Intuit has released a new product for sale today that has a name almost as long as it is exciting. QuickBooks Point of Sale Lite, Powered by Revel Systems is a modular product based entirely off of the full POS solution, all in attempt to reduce the pricing of both hardware and the monthly fee. […]

From Intuit to You

    Dear Customer, A few months ago, we shared with you that the United States is transitioning to full adoption of EMV chip-enabled cards to reduce credit card fraud. This change with EMV is coming October 1, 2015, and we wanted to provide you with an important update about what this means for you. Today, […]

QuickBooks 2016: What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Upgrade

Below is an excerpt from an article by Charlie Russell on The Sleeter Report. To see the article in it’s entirety, click here. Charlie is back with a wonderful introduction to the annual new iteration of QuickBooks, this time sporting the number 16. What exciting changes can you expect? Let’s dive into it. Starting with availability, […]

EMV: The Who/What/When/Where/Why

It’s okay if ‘EMV’ sparks confusion, frustration or worry, we have gone through all iterations at different times. The thing to note is this transition is with good intention, and in the long run will reduce fraudulent charges across the entire country. Who? Everyone! Over the last six months banks and credit card companies have […]

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting, What Can You Do?

Below is an excerpt from an article by Bonnie Nagayama on The Sleeter Report. To see the article in it’s entirety, click here. With QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR), there is an impressive list of things you’ll have a hard time remember you lived without. Here are a few notes before we get started: Charlie Russell wrote […]

QuickBooks and Windows 10

Below is an excerpt from an article by Charlie Russell on The Sleeter Report. To see the article in it’s entirety, click here. Charlie Russell is back and has a quick heads up for us. Windows is pushing another iteration of their operating system, and with it comes a litany of reasons to jump on […]

QuickBooks POS v12 R4 Update

Intuit has officially released the R4 patch for QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop v12. Below is a list of the changes included with the patch. Beware that the update process for your company file might take longer than usual because it is being upgraded to a faster database engine. If you would like to upgrade, […]