Revelry 2016 – Takeaways and Highlights

Attending Revelry 2016 was a joy. Having been a part of the evolution of the cobranded product that is QuickBooks Point of Sale, Powered by Revel Systems has been a joy and a pleasure. We are very impressed with what Revel and Intuit together have been able to accomplish and Revelry 2016 was a fantastic […]

EMV – To Dip, Sign or… Swipe?

This article was written by our own David Glantz and published on the Sleeter Report. To view the article there, click here. We have all experienced some form of the EMV wave – a new credit card arriving in the mail, an ATM or merchant’s machine requiring the insertion or “dipping” of the credit card […]

Our March Newsletter is Here

We just sent out our March Newsletter just last week and we would love to share it with any of those who didn’t receive it. Our intro is below, click here to see it in its entirety. Hey there! We’re over a week into March and the year keeps rolling along.  Finished your taxes yet? […]

From Intuit to You

    Dear Customer, A few months ago, we shared with you that the United States is transitioning to full adoption of EMV chip-enabled cards to reduce credit card fraud. This change with EMV is coming October 1, 2015, and we wanted to provide you with an important update about what this means for you. Today, […]

EMV: The Who/What/When/Where/Why

It’s okay if ‘EMV’ sparks confusion, frustration or worry, we have gone through all iterations at different times. The thing to note is this transition is with good intention, and in the long run will reduce fraudulent charges across the entire country. Who? Everyone! Over the last six months banks and credit card companies have […]

QuickBooks POS v12 R4 Update

Intuit has officially released the R4 patch for QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop v12. Below is a list of the changes included with the patch. Beware that the update process for your company file might take longer than usual because it is being upgraded to a faster database engine. If you would like to upgrade, […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale v12 R3 Update

Intuit has released their R3 update to QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0. Changes apply to all editions of POS unless otherwise mentioned. Intuit regularly releases updates to address bugs and inefficiencies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or Intuit. Below are some of the changes we felt were of more interest, […]

QuickBooks POS, Powered by Revel pt.2

Here’s our own, David Glantz‘s article on Intuit’s POS solution, QuickBooks Point of Sale, Powered by Revel. The article was originally published on the Sleeter Group’s blog, here. Missed part one? Check it out, here. In my prior article I introduced the new QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems product from Intuit and […]

EMV and Electronic Payments

Below is an excerpt from an article by Randy Johnston on The Sleeter Report. To see his article, click here. The credit card industry in the US is officially catching up to the rest of the world. With a deadline of October 1, 2015, EMV (or Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chips will be placed in […]

Guess Who’s Talking at the Sleeter Conference?!

Business Cents’ one and only David Glantz is a featured speaker at the Sleeter Conference, which is described as “THE CAN’T-MISS CONFERENCE OF THE YEAR FOR ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS.” Read his bio below! David Glantz David Glantz received a B.S. in Computer Science, so long ago that it was the first semester it had its own […]