Our March Newsletter is Here

We just sent out our March Newsletter just last week and we would love to share it with any of those who didn’t receive it. Our intro is below, click here to see it in its entirety.

Hey there!

We’re over a week into March and the year keeps rolling along.  Finished your taxes yet? 🙂

It’s been an exciting year so far and we wanted to share some recent updates as well as monthly promotions.  We continue to seek out solutions that will be beneficial to our clientele – our newsletter and blogs will continue to be focal points for these communications. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to highlight.

Over the last few years we have been seeking out an online POS system that has a strong retail functionality ala QB POS Desktop. QB POS Revel is strong in the QSR and TSR space but is still missing certain retail functionality like Sales Orders and Work Orders. We are confident they will round out the general retail functionality in the product. In the meantime, we have found a strong partner with Lightspeed Retail. A synopsis is below and more to follow. We will also be writing about this in a future Sleeter Report article (see some of our other Sleeter articles by clicking here).

Haven’t you always wanted signature capture capability in QB POS Desktop? Well, it is now a reality.

Wazzup with EMV? Below is a brief update. We are writing a more in depth update in the Sleeter Report later this month.

When the iPad POS systems first came out I thought how great it will be to eliminate all those annoying cables and wiring. That just isn’t the case and, in some ways, there are even more wires. Well, Kounta has introduced wireless printers so one, maybe two, fewer wires.

Also in this newsletter is a QB 2016 R5 Update, promotions to save you $$, etc.

Any other questions and/or comments, you know where to find us (if you don’t know, just click here).


Paul Glantz
Business Cents


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