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Different businesses have different functions, different processes and different needs. Why would their solutions be the same? We understand that just like you, your business is unique. It operates within its own rhythm along its own idiosyncrasies. Business Cents is certified in several different point of sale solutions and we're confident we can find one that fits you. Don't know which one to choose? Click the orange square!

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QuickBooks POS, Powered by Revel

A fully featured iPad Point of Sale System that handles sales, inventory and customer tracking with Online Web Access Anytime, Anywhere. Always On Mode allows you to take card payments during Internet outages with seamless credit card processing with QuickBooks Payments. Tailored to Shops, Retailers, and Quick Serve Restaurants and integrates with QuickBooks Online.


Whether you're a single store or multi-store location, Lightspeed Retail is easy to set up. Manage your inventory, process sales, provide customer insights, and work smarter all with a mobile point of sale. Lightspeed Restaurant can help you create easy-to-use menus, rearrange seating on the fly, send orders directly to your kitchen and bar, generate bills table-side, all saving you time and helping you run a smooth business.


Don’t let Kounta’s simple and intuitive exterior fool you. Under the hood of Kounta's cloud based Point of Sale software, you’ll find some of the most robust store management tools available. Excelling in hospitality, Kounta is equally at home in retail settings because it’s flexible to all different types and sizes of business. Running things couldn’t be easier: the POS system is powerful, yet easy to use.

QuickBooks POS Desktop 12.0

A fully featured Desktop Point of Sale System that handles sales, inventory and customer tracking. QuickBooks POS 12.0 has a 10x faster startup & faster workflows and saves time with multi-tasking, sorting, and keyboard shortcuts. Featuring seamless credit card processing with QuickBooks Payment and integration with QuickBooks Desktop.


Vend is the worlds most powerful retail platform. It is point of sale, inventory management, customer loyalty and more. It runs on iPad, PC & Mac. Easy setup, manage and grow your business, from one to many, all in the cloud. The option is yours with the endless capabilities and limitless functionality of Vend.​