Qbox – sharing QuickBooks files scrambled, or over easy?

Below is an introduction to an article written by Business Cents’ own David Glantz on the Sleeter Group‘s blog. Click here to see the article in its entirety. 


Having had a foot in the QuickBooks world for over a decade, we have experienced countless instances where we have needed a client’s company file. In the past, this has involved numerous workarounds.
CoralTree has developed a product that allows you to share QuickBooks company files with one or more users, independent of their physical location. For those who continue to use QuickBooks Desktop, this product has immense potential to streamline your operations.


This of course can be done with QuickBooks Online, but the traditional QuickBooks Desktop user is left with little opportunity outside of using a hosting service, sending backup files to and fro, or utilizing remote access functionality. Each of the aforementioned approaches has a handful of caveats, including but not limited to:

  • QuickBooks Online is QuickBooks Online and not Desktop;
  • Remote access requires taking over control of a local computer;
  • Hosting services costs add up;
  • Terminal Services for QuickBooks Enterprise is not for the faint of IT heart;
  • Sending backup or accountants file has its own nuanced challenges.

These limitations are numerous and headache-inducing. One awfully familiar problem involves QuickBooks POS, where the QuickBooks financials company file must reside in the same network as the QuickBooks POS company file. As a result, the accountant, bookkeeper or store personnel must find some way of accessing the QuickBooks file at the store/office, do the store exchange, and then send the file back. This adds additional time and hassles to the sharing of company files, and every once in a while the files get out of sync.

Enter Qbox! To see David’s thoughts on the product, check out the rest of his article.

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