QuickBooks 2016: What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Upgrade

Below is an excerpt from an article by Charlie Russell on The Sleeter Report. To see the article in it’s entirety, click here.

Charlie is back with a wonderful introduction to the annual new iteration of QuickBooks, this time sporting the number 16. What exciting changes can you expect? Let’s dive into it.

Starting with availability, all you ProAdvisors out there are able to download and use as of 9/9. For all other consumers, your wait ends on 9/21.

Secondly, let’s introduce some of the changes available in all new versions (Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise):

  • Bill Tracker
  • Bulk Clear Send Forms
  • Auto Copy Ship-to Address
  • Fiscal year-to-last month report filter
  • Rebuild data and verify data update
  • Custom field filtering on item reports
  • Label printer support
  • Streamlined upgrade experience
  • QuickBooks statement writer

Some of you should be familiar with the Income Tracker feature that was introduced a few years ago, which summarizes multiple income-related transactions all into one single screen allowing you to accomplish bulk processing. Drum roll please… the same functionality can be accomplished with Bills! The new Bill Tracker allows you condense and bulk process orders and bills in one single screen. This can be accessed in the left navigation menu, or upon selecting ‘vendors’ in the main menu, followed by ‘bill tracker’. 

QuickBooks 2016 Bill Tracker

If you have to deal with large numbers of bills, you’ll find this very helpful (especially if you tend to not pay bills immediately upon receiving them).

Another new exciting function you can do in QuickBooks 2016 is remove multiple transactions from sending/emailing transactions. Previously you could only clear send forms one at a time, or with the help of some utility program. Doing so now is just as simple as it looks below.

QuickBooks Bulk Clear Send

Historically, item based reports in QuickBooks have been quite inflexible compared to other reports. This may still feels like a work in progress, but for the time being they have officially included the ability to filter item reports by customer field values, which is undeniably an improvement. Charlie mentioned that Intuit previously released that this functionality would only be available in Enterprise, but he found it present in all other editions in beta testing.

QuickBooks 2016 Custom Field Filtering on Item Reports

When trying to keep QuickBooks consistently running and purring, it tends to require tinkering and maintenance. The problem here is it isn’t always completely evident what might be curtailing your file’s efficiency. Enter from stage right Intuit’s improvements in Verify Data and Rebuild Data functions, which provides a report detailing what can be/was fixed, as well as what cannot be fixed. Theoretically, you won’t need to get elbows deep into your QBWIN.LOG file. I already wash my hands enough times in a day.

QuickBooks 2016 Rebuild Improvements

The new label printing option should be pretty obvious (especially for all your POS users out there), but basically allows you to use retail label printers (currently Zebra printers may be the only supported printers) to print any labels you use.

The upgrading process when moving from your current QuickBooks iteration to a newer one has been immensely simplified. Not much needs to be said when pictures do it justice. Check it out below.

Previous upgrade process

Upgrading a QuickBooks file

New upgrade process

QuickBooks 2016 upgrade progress

Let’s end with the simplification of the integration between QuickBooks Statement Writer and Microsoft Office. Previously (as I image many of you are quite familiar with) QuickBooks tended to have difficulty in getting the two to communicate efficiently. The QuickBooks 2016 installer program should officially handle all of these patches automatically.

Those were our favorite new additions, but it doesn’t end here. If you would like to see Charlie’s in-depth description of the changes and several others, head on over to his post right here. Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed our summation of the changes in Intuit’s QuickBooks 2016 products. Please, any questions, contact us or post below, we’re always just a comment, email or phone call away.

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