Revel Systems POS

Revolutionize your business and make your life simple with Intuit's new iPad based point of sale solution. It's always on, always working, and always impressive.

Always On
Even when the Internet is down, your POS solution doesn't have to be. Always On Mode allows you to continue to take credit card payments so you never again lose a sale.
QuickBooks Integrated
With the #1 accounting software and #1 iPad point of sale solution, have your end-of-day process streamlined and quicker. Say goodbye to double entries!
Anytime. Anywhere.
Back office activities no longer need to be performed in-store. Use our online web dashboard to view and check reports on your sales, inventory and staffing hours.
EMV Ready
Revel is ready to take chip and pin payments and all that the latest technology provides.
Robust iPad POS Solution
Ring in sales, manage vendors and inventory, track customer, automate your banking and market your business, all from an iPad.
Built for Your Business
Specific builds for retail, QSR, full service restaurants, grocery stores, self-serve kiosks, events, stadiums and more!

Functionality without Compromise

With almost limitless functionality, Revel fits all businesses. Whether your focus is on retail, quick-service or even grocery, we have a solution for you.


Quick Service Restaurant

Full Restaurant/Bar